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  1. 16 December 2022

    Digitally Competent at 55+? Absolutely a must!

    Living longer has been one of the most significant advances in recent decades, alongside the Internet and other technological advances that have long been […]

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  2. 16 November 2022

    Gamified Onboarding

    The onboarding process for new workers is their first interaction with the business, and as we all know, first impressions are crucial. And yet, a […]

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  3. 22 June 2022

    Man as a playing creature

    The historian Johan Huizinga already knew in 1938 that “man is first and foremost a creature that plays”. At IJsfontein, we have been working […]

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  4. 16 June 2022

    Star Employee IJsfontein works on Sci-fi Film

     Last week the kickstarter project for the English film production ‘PHASE’ was successfully financed. From the kickstarter page: “ Phase is a coming-of-age sci-fi […]

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  5. 12 April 2022


    It is 1997. Two students, Jan Willem Huisman and Hayo Wagenaar- contemplate their graduation project. What if we make learning more interactive, playful and […]

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  6. 22 September 2020

    5 scientific insights about serious games

    Gamers… It used to definitely be predominantly pale-looking adolescent, spotty boys, but now you’ll find that even your mum, your trendy sister and possibly […]

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  7. 1 July 2020

    Digital training about Delirium. Especially now.

    About 30 – 40 % of the COVID-19 patients in the ICU experience delirium which is also referred to as an acute confusional state. […]

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  8. 13 March 2019

    Delirium Experience krijgt 5 sterren

    De game Delirium Experience heeft 5 van de 5 sterren voor het keurmerk ‘Valide Games’ van de DSSH (Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare) […]

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  9. 13 March 2019

    Delirium Experience receives 5 stars

    The game Delirium Experience received 5 out of 5 stars for the “Valide Games” seal of approval from the DSSH (Dutch Society for Simulation […]

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  10. 17 December 2018

    Awards & Nominations!

    Christmas came early in our Trophy cabinet! Two of our projects are nominated for European Museum Of the Year! The Dutch Open Air museum as […]

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  11. 8 November 2018

    Serious Games proven to be effective for delirium care

    We at IJsfontein already knew this: Serious Games can be extremely effective in learning skills. They offer more room for curiosity, experimentation, failure but […]

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  12. 7 February 2018

    How do you prevent young people from waiting too long to have sex?

    In short, this is the subject of the U CREATE workshop that designers, researchers and educators are currently working on under the direction of […]

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  13. 21 December 2017

    IJsfontein develops innovative digital learning platform

    We live in a world that is changing at an increasingly faster pace. The organizations that will survive the future are those who are […]

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  14. 19 December 2017

    DIY: Building a V-plotter

    A what-plotter? A V-plotter. Basically a vertical printer. It allows you to draw images very precisely on bigger surfaces, such as a wall or […]

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  15. 13 December 2017

    Depression Therapy in Virtual Reality

    IJsfontein and the eGGZ center of ARQ join forces. Together we developed a VR environment that allows people with depression to practice breaking their […]

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