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12 April 2022

It is 1997. Two students, Jan Willem Huisman and Hayo Wagenaar- contemplate their graduation project. What if we make learning more interactive, playful and fun? So much fun, that learning comes naturally? This vision materializes in Masters of the Elements – a computer game about the laws of nature. The game wins a Bafta Award, is released all over the world, and is the foundation for their company: IJsfontein.

And now that company is 25 years old. In the meantime, not only Jan Willem and Hayo, but also science and the business community are convinced: learning through play is the most effective form of learning.


We are proud of our employees, our customers, and the impact our projects make. Just to name a few:

  • Into D’mentia, a sea container in which caregivers and family members experience what it is like to have dementia with the help of smart technology and an interactive story (now also a VR experience).
  • Grocery store Albert Heijn, where we stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship within the procurement teams through ‘the table games’.
  • Stepwise, an app that allows Parkinson’s patients to exercise more, linked to scientific research.
  • The Museum of Literature, where we increase reading motivation among young people and make difficult topics such as mourning, being in love or ‘being yourself’ open for discussion.
  • The Grow it! app, with which we have made a positive contribution to the mental health of young people during the Corona pandemic.
  • Groeistad, a website where children are introduced to the heritage of the city of Amsterdam via an interactive digital map.
  • And of course, UpTrek – our own digital learning environment that was used, among other things, to support a culture change for ambulance services in Brabant.


Whatever we make, we do it with dedication and endless curiosity about our customers, the world around us, and new technology.

We’re going to celebrate

Of course we’re going to celebrate. In many ways. We organize excursions to special projects for our existing customers, a party for all (former) employees, and beautiful publications and background articles.

Keep an eye on #25jaarIJsfontein.