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21 October 2023

The educational game Letterprins has won two very prestigious awards at the annual Digital Impact Awards in London. The game won awards in two categories: best use of data and best use of mobile app. Letterprins encourages children to read. The awards are an important recognition of Letterprins’ impact and innovation in promoting literacy among young readers. The game and successful launch were developed in collaboration with Radboud University, MPI, IJsfontein and Vertigo 6.

The Letterprins game is available for free and can be played at home. In the game, the Prince of Letters loses his letters in a colourful castle and players help him find them again. In each tower, they encounter exercises tailored to their reading level and the game also tracks what children can already do. They can also earn book tips that link to the children’s library. This encourages children to discover the library and the richness of stories. Earlier this year the game already reached a milestone of 10.000 users.

Best use of mobile app

The success of this game did not escape the DIA jury’s attention. In the category Best use of mobile app, the jury awarded Letterprins with a bronze award: ‘Letterprins worked with Ijsfontein and Vertigo 6 to create an game that would help improve literacy and inspire a lifelong love of reading in Dutch children. The app not only gamifies reading, it customises tasks to users, allowing them to learn and explore at their own pace. The excellent design work and social purpose made a mark on judges, who found Letterprins’ work exemplary.’

Best use of data

For the second category, best use of data, Letterprins was also awarded a bronze award: ‘The Letterprins app dis designed to help children improve their literacy skills. But, it has the dual benefit of harnessing crucial data about literacy development for scientific research. Analysis has shown that the Ijsfontein and Vertigo 6-designed app is improving literacy while also advancing the long-term study of children’s reading competency. Judges loved the way this app captures data and contributes it to further its own long-term purpose.’

It was not a guaranteed outcome that Letterprins would secure these both of these awards. This was because the competition in these categories was strong, including contenders like the Royal Navy and Lloyds banking group, among others.

More information about this game: Letterprins – improving reading skills