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21 December 2017

We live in a world that is changing at an increasingly faster pace. The organizations that will survive the future are those who are able to change as quickly as change itself.

The playful learning platform from IJsfontein was developed precisely for this purpose.

Employees must constantly develop new skills and gain new knowledge in an increasingly shorter time. Only then can the organization, for which they work, keep up with the pace of rapid change. This requires new ways of learning.

In addition to formal learning, it is increasingly important that employees learn from and with each other. Not just once a year in a course, but always and everywhere. Learning also becomes more social by sharing each other’s perspective, having a dialogue, debating, providing each other with feedback or reflecting together. More and more organizations recognize that the new world requires innovative and effective learning concepts for, for example, onboarding programs, competence development, transformation processes and process optimisations.

IJsfontein’s playful learning platform responds to this need. The basis of the platform consists of a SaaS solution, which consists of modular building blocks that we call formats. This allows us to quickly and easily build custom gamified courses.

Examples of some formats are: Battle, Dialogue, Reflection, Quiz, Feedback, Dilemma, Focus and many more concepts that we have devised over the past 20 years. As a result of our experience, we also know that a platform alone is not enough. We are therefore happy to advise on the implementation, both in matters of Learning & Development and technology.

Want to learn more?

At the end of February we will be unveiling the first version and the name of this platform. We will then show, among other things, very clearly the benefits this platform offers. Of course we will also play it together and experience this new way of learning. Do you want to be there? Send an e-mail to Sjors van Hedel

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