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13 March 2019

The game Delirium Experience received 5 out of 5 stars for the “Valide Games” seal of approval from the DSSH (Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare). In the game, developed together with the Effective Elderly Care Foundation, students and healthcare providers learn from two perspectives how they can recognize and treat a delirious patient.

IJsfontein now has four games that can carry the label. Earlier the “abcdeSim” and “Save Yourself” also received the seal of approval and today the Moving Stories game, made with Trimbos Institute, also receives the seal of approval. We are again very happy with this recognition. Delirium Experience not only shows that a game is a good learning tool, but also how important empathy is for the quality of care provision. And this can be trained very well with a game t

Proven effective

Research from the UMCG shows that Delirium Experience is extremely effective in translating knowledge about a delirium into skills for medical students. Moreover, the game has a proven positive effect on the motivation and involvement of students in the care of vulnerable elderly. The research on Delirium Experience was previously published in JMIR Serious Games, a scientific journal for gaming and gamification in healthcare.

“Delirium Experience is not about learning a fixed protocol but about learning to recognize and apply interventions that bring a patient back to the here and now. Students and caregivers learn to improvise, after all every situation is different . ”- Kiki Buijs-Spanjers, PhD student at the UMCG.

Try it out for yourself?

In support of World Delirium Awareness Day 2020 you can play the game for free for a week from March 11 until March 18 2020! More information and an impression of the game can be found on www.deliriumexperience.nl.