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12 April 2023

Imagine… You work in a company that is growing rapidly. Every day you see new faces at the coffee machine. Or that’s what you think. Are they new, though? Or are you newer? You have no idea. Had you introduced yourself yet?

Maybe you recognise it from the old days: as a child, you made friends while playing. Without knowing each other’s names, you played until the sun went down. For adults too, play leads to connection, better communication and cooperation.

While playing, people get to know each other at lightning speed.

This is the core of Scifflebox: a game box for connecting people. The box consists of four scanners and a (digital) game board. You run through your surroundings while doing tasks with your team and scanning the right card. Which team works best together and achieves a high score?

The essence of Scifflebox: the form is fixed, the content is flexible. With Scifflebox, you create totally different games with always these ingredients: movement, cooperation and competition.

Scifflebox connects people.

ABN AMRO sees energy transition as one of the big challenges in the coming years. But how do you let employees and customers experience its complexity? With the Scifflebox! Players discover that cooperation is key for a sustainable transition. They experience that they need each other to achieve their goals.

At CEVA Logistics, Scifflebox lets employees experience the company’s core values. Together, they have to deliver as many parcels and cover as many kilometres as possible within a given time. The game opens the conversation: using CEVA’s core values, they reflect on their process and to see how they can do even better. In this way, Scifflebox connects them with the company and with each other.

During the introduction days of NS Retail in Utrecht, Scifflebox connects hundreds of new employees. The aim: to create team spirit. The new employees run through the NS Meeting Point to complete tasks as quickly as possible. Such as: decipher a rebus about coffee, and work out as quickly as possible how much change to give back to the customer. Together, people apply their knowledge in a race against time. After barely an hour, the teams are as strong as ever.

“Working together and competing with each other creates a strong team spirit: there is running and laughing, cheering and booing.”

Which makes the company culture even healthier. The internal communication even stronger. And the coffee machine becomes the most popular spot in the whole office.

Scifflebox connects people in no time.

Curious about what Scifflebox can do for your organisation? Saskia Kuin will be happy to tell you more.