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Curiosity is the driving force behind science and innovation. This force is increasingly important in a world that is rapidly changing and digitizing. Knowing how to define and solve a problem is more important than the answer. Just as  behaviour is more important than knowledge.

And that is exactly what we have been doing for the past 20 years. We design behaviour based on the conviction that people are naturally curious as well as intrinsically motivated to advance themselves and expand their horizons. Playing is in our view one of the most effective ways to address these motives.

This certainly does not mean that we strive to make it ‘as easy as possible’ for the user. We believe in neglecting lovingly. Meaning, we create a safe environment in which the user can experiment and search for the solution independently.

We do this for Health, Museums, Professionals and Young.



Every project is different. We adapt our method, strategy and team to suit each of them.  We start each project with an analysis phase. Together with the client we search for the core of the question. We map out the stakeholders, zoom in on the target group and formulate first lines of thought.

Evidence based design
We work based on evidence as much as possible. This means we base our work on reliable knowledge. A specialized researcher is linked to each project. In many cases, especially in the Healthcare projects,  we additionally source a dedicated researcher from the client.

Before we start the project, the researcher from IJsfontein will map out the research that has already been done on the subject and the target group. This establishes the basis of which scientific facts we can ‘build’ our design. During the development process, the researcher is also responsible for ensuring intensive testing with the target group; from the paper prototype to the end product. The researcher represents the target group throughout the development process thus being an indispensable link between designer and end-user. This method of work has led to many of our products being accredited and validated.

We work together
The quality of our end-product depends on many things, not least of all being the collaboration between the client and the team that will develop it. Our best products have been those where the client is an integral part of the team.


With each assignment we look at different forms of interactivity and play and we look for the combination of elements that are most suitable for the purpose of the assignment. In concrete terms, we develop apps, websites, interactive installations, gamification, serious games and multimedia tours.

Moreover, we develop long-term (digital) learning paths and gamified platforms for permanent educational purposes. In a partnership with the client, we will innovate and experiment in order to achieve the right learning climate.

In addition to making things, we love to collaborate and offer our input about behavioural change and learning. We do this, for example, through a design sprint, a game storm or a canvas session. This allows us to come to the core of the problem and formulate first solution directions efficiently and quickly. These sessions are tailor-made. Contact us for the possibilities.