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We are located at The Marineterrein Amsterdam:

Kattenburgerstraat 5 (main entrance of the Marineterrein)
Pand 024 (our office)
1018 JA Amsterdam
t: +31 20 33 00 111
m: info@ijsfontein.nl


We are located on the Marineterrein. This is a large site without street names. Therefore finding IJsfontein is a small challenge. But we are going to help you!

The Marineterrein can be reached in two ways. Via the main entrance on the Kattenburgerstaat or via the black bicycle bridge on the Dijksgracht.

Via Dijksgracht (walking or cycling from Central Station)

From Amsterdam CS it is about 20 minutes walking or 7 minutes cycling. Loop out the CS from the back (IJ side) and go to the right. From there you walk / cycle straight on the Piet Heinkade until you see the Mövenpick Hotel on your left. There you can go down via the pedestrian path. Downstairs you turn left along the water and the Delirium café and left again under the road and the railway. Continue straight until you can go no further. You are then on the Dijksgracht. Go left. On your right you will see 2 restaurants (Hanneke’s boom and Medamatic). Left is the track. After Mediamatic, turn right and cross the black bicycle bridge.
Successful! You are on the Marineterrein
IJsfontein is located in the brick building on the right. We share the building with the Scheepskameel restaurant. We are located in the back part. Our entrance is on the waterfront.
Still don’t get it? Fortunately, we also have a picture and a video of it.

By car

Check Google Maps for the route description. The entrance of the Marineterrein Amsterdam is Kattenburgerstraat 7. Follow the yellow path (see map) to IJsfontein.

kaart ijsfontein op marineterrein


We have limited parking spaces available. Reserve a spot in advance by sending an email to info@ijsfontein.nl.  You can also park in the Piet Hein garage or in the Kattenburgerstraat. From there it’s a 10 to 15 minute walk to IJsfontein.

Public transport (On foot or by bike)

Follow the blue line in the image below: Leave the station through the back. If you see water instead of loads of buildings it means you are in the right place. Take a right and follow the Piet Heinkade until you see the Mövenpick Hotel on your left. Take the footpath down and take a left. You’ll see the water on your right and the Delirium Café on you left. Take a turn left and follow the road under the overpass. At the end you’ll find a street called ‘Dijksgracht’. Take a left and follow the road until you see a small bridge on the right. Cross the bridge. IJsfontein is located in the long red brick building. Just follow the water and you’ll find our entrance on the far side of the building.

It can be a bit tricky to find us, watching this 34 second video will save you a lot of time!

Route naar IJsfontein

Check 9292.nl or ns.nl for timetables.

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