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Client: Erasmus MC

In order to teach young people to deal with feelings of gloom and fear and to measure how young people are doing, the Sophia Children’s Hospital has developed an app together with IJsfontein: Grow It!

 Grow It! helps during the Corona crisis

During the corona crisis the Grow it! application is widely used for all young people in Rotterdam. The goal is to make the youngsters in the corona crisis mentally resilient and to reduce their feelings of fear, gloom, loneliness and stress.
Approximately 20% of the 650,000 inhabitants of Rotterdam are between 10 and 25 years old. This large group of young people has to deal with a lot of uncertainty during the crisis. They cannot go to school, have to limit their contact with peers and have to stay at home as much as possible. All sports and hobby clubs are also closed. In addition, young people are uncertain about the future (how long will this last, will it ever be as before again) and whether they or their families will be affected by the coronavirus. Tensions may also arise in the home situation.

All this makes young people vulnerable to stress, social isolation, loneliness, fear and gloom in this time of crisis.

Prof. Dr. M.H.J. (Manon) Hillegers, Head of Department, Professor, child and youth psychiatrist at Erasmus MC/Sophia Children’s Hospital:
‘The IJsfontein team has optimally translated our scientific concepts with smart technology and beautiful design from a co-creation with our youth target group’.

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, no scientific data are available on the impact of the crisis on young people. The use of the app during the crisis provides insight into how young people are doing and, on the other hand, it offers them an opportunity to positively influence their coping strategies so that they will get through this crisis better.

The special efforts of Grow It! during the corona crisis were made possible by:
Erasmus MC – Sophia, Generation R, the municipality of Rotterdam, IJsfontein, the Friends of Sophia Foundation, Tilburg University and NWO.




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