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Client: UMC St. Radboud

Commissioned by Radboudumc, IJsfontein developed a serious game to help staff members handle unacceptable and deviant behaviour, ranging from insults to physical threats

In short

Health care providers increasingly face insults, threats and violence. Radboud university medical centre wants to prepare staff members the best they can, but the current training took up too much time.

Better results in less time

Our training presents the theory in a game that allows staff members to experiment with different situations themselves. This way, people are better prepared for role-play, making it possible to achieve better results in less time.

How it works

Players see a situation that spirals out of control and have to assess the type of aggression they are dealing with. They can use their theory modules to look up what the appropriate reaction is and why. When the same scenario is presented again, the players can handle it. The people who react in accordance with the method will reduce aggression and prevent a possible escalation.

Scoring in various fields

Players are awarded a star, per scenario, when they recognize the type of aggressive behaviour, de-escalate it and handle it professionally. Each scenario has to be concluded with three stars.


This new type of training has resulted in more applications and has achieved a better result compared to the traditional course. Some of the reactions:

“Among other things, the game provides a consistent training, is user-friendly, it does not have an overload of information and the lost time compensation is limited.”

“Now that I have completed the module ‘handling unacceptable and deviant behaviour’ I control the situation when someone exhibits undesirable behaviour.”

The serious game (combined with a one-day training with an actor) has been accredited by the accreditation committee for care providers and nurses.


Aggression in the workplace is an increasing problem. In health care, but also in other sectors. Agressie: aanpakken! enables staff members to experiment with unacceptable and deviant behaviour in an accessible and secure way. There are nine scenarios challenging the player to use the ABC method to control the situation. The game takes place during sessions of several minutes, making it ideal to train in ‘lost’ hours at work or at home.

IJsfontein licenses this serious game for other companies.


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