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Client: Municipality of Amsterdam

The Municipality of Amsterdam wants to reduce unemployment among MBO (mid-level vocational education) graduates. The pitch was won by the consortium made up of IJsfontein, Eaglescience and PlayToWork. Together we developed PlayToWork, an innovative assessment tool that matches young graduates with job vacancies on the basis of degree, personality and behaviour.


We interviewed many mid-level vocational school graduates and found an obvious difference between those that have a job and those that do not. The graduates with a job knew clearly where their talents lie and what their wishes were when they started their search. The graduates without a job were significantly less sure about those things, which led to a less focused job search. They also, more often underestimated the extent to which personality and behaviour are motivations in an employer’s choice. So the app needed to stimulate them and show them what they are good at.

Recruiters and employers indicated that there is a need to be able to form better picture of personality and behaviour, earlier in the selection process. Assessments that highlight these characteristics are often developed and used for jobs indicating at least a HBO (higher-level vocational education) profile. It was therefore time for an assessment tool for MBO required jobs.

How does PlayToWork work?

As job seeker, you first fill in some pieces of a profile, such as degree, date of birth, maximum traveling distance etc. In order to fill in the rest of your profile you must complete challenges. These challenges are personality tests with several different themes. The results can be found in your profile under three characteristics; behaviour, personality and skills. As soon as there is a match with a job vacancy, the vacancy will be shown and you can apply.

As employer you can post job vacancies. You can indicate what type of candidate you are looking for. This can be specific but also more general. Subsequently, the system will show which candidates are a fit for your vacancy and allow you to contact the jobseeker.

Most requested characteristics

The profile characteristics in PlayToWork are based on input from a number of employers including Albert Heijn, NS and NUON, and have been tuned with the help of career coaches and consultants from different organizations such as ROC Amsterdam (a well-known mid-level vocational education school) and UWV (institute for employee insurance). The most requested characteristics have been included in the present platform.


PlayToWork is a flexible platform. New modules (games and challenges) can easily be added. This keeps the participants engaged and extends the lifespan of the app.

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