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Client: WE Fashion

WE Fashion would like to make new employees feel at home, part of the WE family, in a fun, gamified and educational way. No boring PowerPoint presentations, no one-way communication, but a chance to show a lot of self-initiative. It was up to IJsfontein to create such an induction day.

How to be scalable and reusable

IJsfontein designed a full day of onboarding for all new employees, inspired by fashion, WE stores and the WE brand values. The day consists of nine analogue games that can be played each month at the WE head office.

The biggest challenge was scalability. Each month the number of new employees taking part in the onboarding day varies. Therefore, the games have to be scalable and work perfectly for any number of players.

Each onboarding day only requires one supervisor. Players can play the games independently, and also move from one game to another by themselves. This requires less time for facilitation and allows for more time to build great working relationships between existing and new employees. For example, more time for a welcome speech by a member of the management team, a comprehensive recap of the day, or drinks at the end of the day.

Positive feedback

Veerle Visser (WE Manager Learning & Development)

‘This week WE launched their first totally gamified onboarding day. Nine original games taught our new colleagues not only about our customers, history, fashion collections and teams but a lot more! They memorised almost all they learnt that day because of the gaming effect, and felt very welcome, proud and CONNECTED at the same time! Thank you, IJsfontein, for all your creativity!’

New employees @ WE Fashion

‘Great balance between activities and breaks!’
‘Very educational due to the format of the day: without realising you remember most of the content of the games.’
‘We were encouraged to get on with it and discover WE.’

What can we do for you?

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