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Client: Museum Catharijneconvent

IJsfontein developed a multimedia tour for the exhibition ‘Ik geef om jou’ [‘I care for you’] by the Catharijne Convent about charity. The developed technique allows one to load content from Adlib via a publishing system.

A brief description

Museum Catharijne Convent in Utrecht tells the story about Christianity in the Netherlands. IJsfontein developed a multimedia tour for the museum. This tour will be first introduced during the new exhibition ‘Ik geef om jou’ on charity.

Integration with Adlib

Adlib is software that is used by almost all museums in the Netherlands to archive all content about museum pieces. In close collaboration with Adlib and the registrar of the museum, IJsfontein has developed a publishing system that allows one to load content from the collection management system into a multimedia tour. In this way, the museum staff can create new multimedia tours without (or with minimal) intervention from third parties.

User friendly

The multimedia tour includes four standard multimedia layers: audio, text, video and a slide show with pictures. Usability was an important requirement of the museum. We therefore opted for a simple, iconic style so that the visitor immediately knows how to access the information. The tour runs on iPods, which the museum lends to every visitor.

Want to experience the tour?

Take part in the multimedia tour at the Catharijne Convent Museum.


The technique we used  to connect the tour to adlib is developed for the Museum Catharijneconvent, but it can also be used by other museums. What can we do for your museum? Contact us at info@ijsfontein.nl or  +31 (0)20 33 00 111.