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Client: Alliander

In ‘Lights On’ teenagers learn all about renewable energy, and how we can best manage this energy in the future. The game is part of a syllabus for secondary schools, developed in collaboration with Alliander, a Dutch energy network company, and ThiemeMeulenhoff Publishers.

Learning objective

The supply of renewable electricity is not as easy to manage as traditional electricity. This is why we should only use energy when it is available, and not when it isn’t. At the end of the game students are able to explain what the best times are to use energy, and why.

Energy-efficient nachos or power hungry hamburgers

Students play ‘Lights On’ at school. Either on their own or with their fellow-students. They need to prepare for a party. Some preparations cost more energy than others. Will they choose the energy-efficient nachos, or the power hungry hamburgers? Depending on the weather, there is more or less energy available. The weather is typically Dutch: unsettled. Students will, therefore, need to keep a constant eye on the weather forecast. They can buy cool gadgets with points they have earned, to make the party even cooler. Our personal favourite: the disco ball drone.


After playing the game, there will be a review of the game in the classroom. Reviewing a serious game is often very important. This is the moment when ‘players’ define and share what they have learnt. It is possible to review the game online, but it is more effective in the classroom. This way students and teachers can learn from each other and discuss why certain choices are better than others.

What can we do for you?

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