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Client: ProRail

ProRail is committed to reducing the number of avoidable accidents in and around its railways to zero. As part of the company’s internal security campaign, IJsfontein developed Life Savers, a game based on real incidents. The objective of the game is to determine how the accidents in question could have been avoided.

How it works

Each level of the game opens with a testimonial from someone involved in the accident. By providing players with personal stories told by colleagues, Life Savers ensures that players immediately get into the right mindset. Each level follows the scenario of a real-life accident and confronts players with the various dilemmas involved in this particular accident. At each level, players may choose to use ‘lifesavers’. The trick is to use one’s ‘Life Savers’ for the right dilemmas, so as to achieve the greatest possible impact. After each level, players are told whether they obtained the maximum score or whether they only just passed to the next level. By giving the players an insight into their scores, we created replay value. Employees voluntarily play the game again to discover how to best use their ‘Life Savers’.


While developing the game, we assessed ProRail employees’ current attitude towards security, so as to gain a good insight into the kind of behavioural changes to be expected. We then integrated the game into ProRail’s overall approach to security. Thanks to this fully integrated approach, the game will ensure a high pass rate and excellent knowledge retention.


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