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Reading is crucial. Perhaps the most important thing your child learns at school. It requires a lot of practice. These reading miles can’t all be covered in the classroom. That’s why, on behalf of Radboud University, IJsfontein developed the game Letterprins. With this game, children can make reading progress in a playful way at home, enhancing their technical reading skills.

Lost all the letters…

Due to a wrong spell, all the letters from the books of the Reading Bugs have vanished. It’s up to you and the Letter Prince to retrieve all these letters. In the castle, letters are floating around, and by doing exercises, you’ll earn even more letters. For every 100 letters you earn, the reading bugs will get a book back in their library.

Playing Together

In addition to improving technical reading and building reading mileage, we aim to show children and parents with Letterprins that reading is fun above all. That’s why a lot of effort has been put into the game’s appearance—a surprising, fairy-tale world where you and your child can spend 10-15 minutes every day learning to read.

Promoting a Growth Mindset

The feedback provided by the game and the tips given during parent meetings encourage a growth mindset in children. For every exercise, you earn letters, regardless of how well you did.

Six Different Exercises

The game features six different exercises spread across seven levels. At the beginning of each level, children learn which letters will be covered. If a letter is unfamiliar, it can be practiced first. Then come the other exercises, where words are formed using the letters you’ve learned so far.

In a playful manner, you gradually learn more letters, and the words presented become longer. In addition to practicing words, there are exercises that promote reading comprehension, word recognition, and vocabulary. Letters, words, funny sentences—the game adapts to what the child already knows and helps them get slightly better step by step.

Letter Garden

In addition to the exercises in the castle, there’s also a letter garden where all the letters you’ve learned are visible. Clicking on a letter allows you to hear how it should sound.

Extra Exercises for Difficult Letters

In addition to the exercises in the castle, there are also exercises in the house of the reading bugs. These exercises are based on the Memory Palace theory. By practicing with the difficult letters d, eu, and ui in a different way, the researchers from Radboud University hope to achieve a positive result.


For the development of Letterprins, we collaborated with researchers from Radboud University and educational psychologists from OPM Nijmegen. To align with schools and parents, we also partnered with the Sardes Foundation and the Reading Foundation.


More than half a year after the launch, there are 10,000 accounts and a group of 2500-3000 children playing it every week. Furthermore, we see that 1774 children continue to play the game daily (!) once they start (for 3-7 months straight). Players are presented with increasingly challenging exercises, gradually mastering reading. Parents let us know that their child discovered the library by playing Letterprins. In short, our initial results show that it’s worthwhile to play Letterprins together with your child. You can read the full news article here: 10,000 Letterprins Users!

Letterprins won two digital impact Awards



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