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Client: Uitgeverij Malmberg

IJsfontein developed practice software and games for the Taal actief (Language active) teaching method commissioned by publishing company Malmberg.


  • Comenius EduMedia Award
  • NOT innovatieprijs

In short

For years, Taal actief has been the language and spelling method for primary education. IJsfontein developed the practice software for this method for publishing company Malmberg.

How it works

The practice software is geared towards pupils in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 (ranging from 7 to 12 years old) and is unique because the practice material is presented at the appropriate level, making it possible for children to follow their own individual learning path. The software instantly provides customized help, increasing the impact of education.


It is self-directing intelligent software. The teacher makes the learning material available in the week task and can easily monitor the results. The pupils can then independently work on the assignments. There are 3 differentiation levels offered automatically and the ‘error detection system’ does not only check if the pupil spells a word right or wrong, but also what type of error is made. The software utilizes tried gaming elements. The practice is purely functional and short games are included as rewards in between the assignments.


The practice software is used on primary schools. We are happy to provide a demo on request.


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