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Client: AMC

When experiencing delirium, people become confused, see things that are not there and behave irrationally. A good diagnosis and acting accordingly are crucial for becoming clear-headed again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many medical professionals are ill-informed of this condition and the possible interventions. To meet the demand for professional education, Amsterdam Medical Centre, Stichting Effectieve Ouderenzorg and IJsfontein developed The Delirium Experience. A playful and experimental way to recognize and treat a patient with a delirium.


  • Serious Play Awards 'Best of Show'
  • Keurmerk DSSH Valide Game
  • Nominatie Dutch Interactive Award
  • Nominatie Index Award
  • Nominatie Dutch game award

In short

In this online simulation-based experience, healthcare professionals learn in a playful and experimental way to recognize and treat a patient with a delirium. How the delirium develops depends on the care choices that the player makes throughout the game. Playing to minimise the delirium as well as playing to find out how badly the situation can escalate gives the player an insight into the effect of the interventions.

Change of perspective

The game is composed of several scenarios based on true stories. The player looks in on the delirium of the patient and may also switch to the perspective of the nurse. From this viewpoint, the player gains an insight into the patient file and intervention may take place. The procedure may take the form of intervention, but what the game actually tries to show is how relatively small measures such as saying what day it is or opening the curtains may have a major impact. The player may subsequently see how their actions have an impact on the delirium from the perspective of the patient.


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