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Client: Regional Institute Dyslexia

The Regional Institute Dyslexia (RID) asked IJsfontein to renew and expand their practice software and make it suitable for tablets. The software is meant for children with dyslexia in grades 1 to 6.

The question

The question arose from the need to increase their client’s learning curve and make practicing more fun. We did this by combining educational exercises with an exciting virtual trip around the world. The monster Riddel takes the clients on a journey to 14 worlds, where together they complete a large collection of educational, challenging and tailor made exercises. The back-end of the software was also renewed and expanded, allowing the practitioners to easily set-up, adjust and tailor the exercises to a specific client.

How does it work?

The virtual 70 week world trip is made up of 14 worlds including an underwater world, space and the desert. These worlds are each divided up into 25 stops. The practitioner can set-up a number of exercises at each stop. By completing the exercises in a stop, the student will receive an object from the corresponding world. This allows the clients to review their progress by the collection of objects. The best result will be obtained if the student practices on a regular basis. When the student completes all exercises in 5 different days within one week, a spectacular bonus will be received. With the help of a clear goal, structured results and choices of worlds, the curiousness of the user is stimulated.

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