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Client: TNO

Balance-it is a gamified tool encouraging young people to snack less and exercise more. The app was developed in cooperation with TNO and enables youngsters to set their desired goals themselves, as far as possible in a customised way.

While following the steps, proven strategies for behavioural change are used: they formulate their own goal (intention formation), monitor their progress (self-monitoring) and determine their own strategy (coping plan). The tool asks youngsters to describe their main obstacles. Every day, the app sends notifications to remind them of their plan. Upon achieving a goal, they will receive a building block that they use to build a tower that is as high and as attractive as possible. They may choose to play alone or against somebody else. The app is based on proven strategies for behavioural change. The core of this app may therefore also be used for other forms of self-management, such as stopping smoking, for example.


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