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Client: EO

Take up the fight against bullying. How? By getting to know each other better and in a different way. For the EO programme ‘Anti Plague Club’ we developed the Heldengame. A digiboard game for group 5 to 8 of primary school. The game was launched during the anti-pest week.

In the EO programme Anti-pest club Anne-Mar and Thomas visit classes where there is a lot of bullying. Together with the class they work to change the atmosphere so that everyone enjoys going to school. The hero game makes the anti-bullying ideas from the TV programme accessible to all primary schools in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

In the hero game, the children get to know each other in class in a whole new way. The pupils answer questions and propositions by physically standing in a certain place in the classroom. The questions are about everything: Do you speak a language other than Dutch at home or what kind of house do you live in?  In this way, children find themselves with completely different children than they normally deal with and discover that they have more in common than they thought.

After the round of questions, the class will be presented with propositions. Bart laughs at Emma’s protruding ears. Emma laughs along. Is this teasing or bullying? After each statement the teacher talks to the class. What do they think and why? Together they make a choice. The hero game translates this into a rule of conduct and records it in the hero contract.

After the racks it is time for the powerproof. Children take on a challenge with the group in which they are standing: find 5 red objects as soon as possible or name 3 Dutch place names with the letter a. In this way the children experience what it is like to work together with children they would not normally do anything with.

At the end of the game, they get the hero’s contract, which they have put together themselves.

It has to be about something

During the test we did in group 6/7 of a primary school it became clear how important it was that we asked the right questions. The questions had to ‘go’ somewhere. A question like do you like carrots is too superficial. Based on this test we adapted the content. The children also indicated that they liked it very much that they were allowed to give their opinion and that they were allowed to decide for themselves what will be in the contract. It is not the teacher who determines the rules of conduct, but the class!




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