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Client: Erasmus MC

Your World, a burn out prevention tool.

Energy guzzlers and energy givers; everyone has them, but most people are not aware of them. The percentage of employees with burnout complaints increased by more than 3.5 percentage points to 17% between 2015 and 2019. That is almost one in five employees.

Erasmus MC developed a game especially for their employees in which players can taste different ways to improve their mental health.

Experimenting with week challenges

Your World is an app that lets you experiment with new habits that are healthy for your brain. A healthy brain gives you the ‘mental resilience’ you need to better face challenges at home and at work. The new habits that Your World offers you have a positive effect on Mother Earth as a beneficial ‘side effect’.

After a week of trying a new habit, you can choose to leave this habit, or integrate it into your daily activities.

Ingredients for a healthy brain

The basis for Your World is the Healthy Mind Platter, a disc with seven daily ingredients for a healthy brain. An eighth ingredient has been added to this. Dealing sustainably with Mother Earth can also increase your ‘mental resilience’.

Draw up the balance sheet

The tool starts with drawing up the balance sheet; how much time do you now spend on the different ingredients, and how much time do you think would be ideal for you personally.

You can rebalance the balance sheet every 14 days and after the end of a challenge. In this way you gain insight into your own resilience.

Developing with the target group

During the making process, we closely involved our target group, doctors and nurses who ‘stand at the bedside’. In this way we were able to create challenges that respond to life hacks relevant to them and we learned that they like to check things off.