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Client: Het Muiderslot

IJsfontein developed the interactive installation het Waterschild (the Water Shield) in the garden of Castle Muiderslot. It allows visitors to experience the role of water in the history of the castle.


  • Nominatie VGI Innovatieprijs

In short

Castle Muiderslot used to be a castle with a moat. The interactive installation ‘het Waterschild’ is all about water and shows the various aspects of the history of the Muiderslot.

How it works

In the garden of what used to be a water castle, visitors walk down a flight of steps and dive into history. On a large screen they see a 7-minute presentation of the origins of the Muiderslot and the connection with water as its friend (protection) and enemy (floods). After the film the visitors decide for themselves: go behind the water screen and get drenched, or not?

IJsfontein as a partner

IJsfontein and Castle Muiderslot have a sustainable relationship. We have created installations in the castle itself, during which we have found that an integral approach produces the best result. For that reason, IJsfontein was closely involved in the concept development and strategy of the Water Shield and collaborated actively with architects (buro3 architecten).


You can visit ‘het Waterschild’ at Castle Muiderslot.


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