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Client: Bovag

The car industry must keep up with the times. Customers have been online for a long time, but some car companies still aren’t. The customer is more articulate and digitally skilled. It is more important than ever to approach customers in a customer-friendly way and to be creative and flexible in offering customer-oriented solutions, otherwise they will be gone. But are employees able to offer this wide range of solutions? How do you make an inventory of the team’s skills in a car company? How do you start the conversation about personal development? With ‘the Fiksers’!

Client: Bovag

Blended learning

The Fiksers is a board game in combination with a mobile website, commissioned by Bovag, for the Dutch car industry. The website provides game support, and contains many short films about typical customer dilemmas that occur in the car industry. The board game includes the possibilities to answer each dilemma, and the possibility for players to keep track of their points and other progress.

Personal and versatile

In the game, players fill in a personal profile card. A profile card contains a list of skills, and players are free to choose how good they are at each skill. After each dilemma, players choose a possible answer together. Each possible answer requires a skill that is required, has a chance of success and failure, and the amount of points the solution is worth. In addition, a solution may cost something, for example money or effort or time.

If solutions are successfully implemented, players receive points, and the opportunity to supplement their profile cards with additional skills. In this way, they play together and come across more and more possible dilemmas.

The game is personal because every player can be themselves in the game. Next, the team at the table finds out what that means in the dilemmas that the game presents. Through its recognisable dilemmas, skills and subsequent reflection, the game offers an enormous amount of opportunities for insight and discussion with a team.

Conversation starter

Are all skills sufficiently present in this team? Do we mainly have experts or people with a broad set of skills? Don’t we overlap too much? How unique is everyone? What is still missing in our team? What would we do if we were really in this situation?

Typical questions that arise while playing. The game is experienced as a very valuable opening to a conversation about customer friendliness and personal development within a team.


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