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Client: Uitgeverij Malmberg

IJsfontein developed the free iPad app Tafelmonsters (Table Monsters) for publishing company Malmberg. With this app children can learn multiplication tables. Not for themselves, but to feed the hungry table monsters. And that is very motivating!.


In short

The multiplication tables are best learned by repeating them over and over again. But that is boring, and why should you learn them anyway? Tafelmonsters gives children a good reason: the more sums they do, the happier the monsters are.

How it works

In the beginning there is a grey world with hungry monsters. By doing sums, children make candy for each monster. The monsters are happy, beautiful colours appear and the sun starts to shine. Keep feeding the monsters to maintain their beautiful world!

Deciding on the level yourself

Children decide for themselves which tables they want to practice. It appeared that they choose a level that is challenging enough, or they get bored. This way they improve their skills effortlessly.


Tafelmonsters has been downloaded in the iTunes App Store over 8,000 times in the first weeks.

With the index finger, not the thumb

Easy control is important. That is why we first developed two simple prototypes to have children play with. For the first design the numbers were on the sides of the screen and could be clicked on with the thumbs. The second design was controlled with the index fingers. This was found to be more comfortable to work with.


download the app in iTunes (free).


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