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Client: Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie

IJsfontein developed a serious game about security for the Ministry of Security and Justice. Employees of companies with an increased risk can practice recognising and adequately reacting to potential treats within their own company.

In short

It is a known fact that danger can happen and that attention wanes when you have been working in the same location for a long time. In addition, there is always a grey area: what one person considers safe, poses a risk to the other. How can you make this matter a subject of discussion? Zeker van je Zaak (Sure about Security) is an online Serious Game to keep employees on their toes by playing it regularly for a few minutes followed by a discussion.

How it works

The player is put into someone else’s shoes for a variety of jobs, from service desk employee to security guard. In each scenario, the player is presented with a number of photos representing a working day with the company. Each photo has a time pressured question: what do you see? Is there a risk involved? What is the proper way to react to this risk? The game intentionally only has a limited amount of real risks and a number of trick questions. After each scenario, a high score list of all colleagues is shown. A reaction can be left for each scenario and they can be discussed.

Customized per company

A unique function of Zeker van je Zaak is the possibility for each registered company to add their own scenarios to the game. These scenarios can be made available for players from that company only and are, therefore, completely tailored to the company and the profession involved. Players can develop these scenarios themselves with the user friendly inline editor. All management has to do is approve the scenario.


The game offers the possibility to see how frequent employees play the game and what their scores are, gaining insight into the persons who are in need of additional training.


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