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Client: NOC*NSF

NOC NSF offers sport clubs a free workshop in Sporty Administration. Administrators are offered suggestions that help them have a greater influence on the character of the club. To supplement the workshop, IJsfontein has developed a game that can be played with the whole administration. Dilemmas, which differ per club, form the basis of the game.

How it works

Each week, 2 dilemmas are dealt with. Administration members have three days in which to react to a dilemma. In each dilemma there is a choice of which role should take action, what should be done in the present moment and in the future, and how relevant the dilemama for their club. Administrators can comment on each other’s opinions.

After 6 dilemmas, the club receives a silver certificate from Sporty Administration. They can choose to continue playing for several more weeks in order to earn a gold. Statistics are shown by the presentation of the silver and gold certificates. An administrator can see which dilemmas received the most attention and where there was the greatest difference of opinions.
Administrators get insight into which dilemmas are relevant to the club and how they can best be dealt with.


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