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Client: Zorg en Zekerheid

Research done by scientists at the Radboud University has proven that the relationship between students can be improved by changing up the seating arrangement in the class room. With this simple and valuable insight, Creative Agency Dawn devised a classroom tool commissioned by insurer Zorg en Zekerheid. IJsfontein helped them to conceptualize the tool and developed the interaction design of the tool for them.


The Social Shuffle is a free and highly accessible online tool, which shuffles the seating in the classroom based on certain calculations.  Everyone in the class room is allotted a different seat 4 times a year. This tool will ensure each child is seated near as many different classmates as possible throughout the year.  This allows everyone in the class room to get to know each other better.

Classroom Game

The tool is shown on the digital board in the class room and turns the shuffling into a classroom game. Classes where the tool has been tested, were unanimously enthusiastic. Teachers found it very handy and kids loved it. The fact that they were not allowed to sit next to their best friend was not a problem at all. During the design process the tool was increasingly simplified. Clear, brief instruction in combination with an uncomplicated login process and clearly recognizable icons have led to a tool that is very user friendly for teachers as well as students.

Social Innovative Strategy

By developing this tool, insurer Zorg en Zekerheid chooses a social innovative strategy. This project is a good example of new forms of cooperation; a health insurance company, a university, agencies, developers, producers, schools and teachers.


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