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Client: Rutgers

It is fun and pleasant, awkward and exciting, sultry and sweaty… It is feeling and experiencing, learning and trying. It’s something personal, something special and at the same time something dead normal. Sex.

Many youngsters experience sex education in high school as very functional. The focus is mainly on the biological aspect of sexuality, whereas it is so much more than that. Sex is not only about procreation, but also about pleasure. About how you identify yourself and who you are attracted to. About intimacy, connection and self-expression. About what you like and how to discover it. About respect for the other as well as for yourself.

In short, sex is part of being human.

A lot can be found online about sex. But most of that information is written by adults. For instance, you often read that it is important to set your boundaries. That it is important to use contraceptives. But HOW to set boundaries, HOW to choose a contraceptive that suits you, is rarely discussed. Let alone whether or not you shave your pubic area.

But that is exactly what you are curious about as a youngster. And would rather hear real experiences from peers about it than well-meant – but let’s be honest – dull advice from adults.

In collaboration with Rutgers, Sense.info, Soa Aids Netherlands and Dance4Life, we developed the online platform SEGGSY: a place where youngsters can discover what they find important, exciting, enjoyable and fun. It is a tool that allows them to form their own opinions on all topics around sexual development. From flirting and falling in love, to gender and discovering your body.

It is a place where youngsters themselves can have their say. Young people from all over the country, with different ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities… We went from Nijmegen to Friesland, and from a Christian grammar school to a vocational school. We interviewed youngsters about their experiences and thoughts on sex. For example, about how they knew they were ready for their first time, what they think is important in bed, and whether or not they shave their pubic area. These interviews are the beating heart of SEGGSY.

SEGGSY is an interactive platform. For instance, play a duo quiz on gender norms and learn more about consent. Discover your own body and check how open-minded you are. Test whether you are ready for sex and when something crosses your boundary. Listen to Mason talk about his first time and Felise’s advice for a broken heart.

We were watching a movie on the sofa. She was sitting close to me. I wanted to get my drink and then we kissed. It was also a bit uncomfortable because she was sitting with her head all turned and so was I. – Mason

SEGGSY is a platform in motion: the foundation has been laid, but new content is constantly being added. This way SEGGSY responds to young people’s curiosity and helps them navigate through their own sexual development. In a positive, liberating and healthy way.

Exactly as sex itself should be.