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Client: Samsam

Samsam is an editorially independent educational magazine. A crossmedia platform where children can get to know everything about the world and their role within it. “Playing, looking, investigating and learning” are central. IJsfontein developed a new, modern digital platform that makes visitors curious and encourages interaction with the content.


  • Nominatie Gouden Apenstaart

Sustainable and flexible

The platform is developed to be future-proof. New modules and sections are easy to add on. The visual design is clear, fresh, current but timeless. To support reading on different platforms and screen sizes, responsive design is used. The website is optimised for tablet, desktop and digiboard. The content can be filtered in different ways. Select a subject or filter by clicking on the world map. For teachers there is an apart section with lesson ideas and an archive of teaching material.

Difficult words

Do you see a word that you don’t understand. No problem. If you click on the term, a popup appears with an explanation. The site also takes into account the level of the visitors and you can select if you are in group 5/6 or group 7/8. This determines the subjects, writing style and layout.


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