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Client: Rabobank

People are curious by nature and motivated to develop themselves. From this principle, IJsfontein developed the personal progression board: a game-based learning platform that supports permanent education and focusses on behaviour. For the Rabobank, we made a bespoke version: IQuest.

New working method

In January 2013 the Rabobank Mortgage File was introduced. In this system, that will be gradually expanded, the client and bank work together in the same Mortgage File. IQuest is developed to guide employees through these developments.

How does it work?

Each month a new challenge is ready in the mobile app that consists of different types of assignments. These can be played within a few minutes and are linked with the intended behavioural changes. By completing the assignments, you earn points that can be spent in “the shop” to buy and extend a house. In the app you also see houses from your colleagues so that you know how you’re doing in relation to others. In the progression board you have an insight in your own progress and see which assignments are available and which can still be “unlocked”. The app will soon be extended with the feature to complement other house owners or send an encouragement.


The initial results are promising. Many employees play at work as well as in their free time. Rabobank will investigate whether IQuest will be developed further in the coming years as a basis for new learning.


We can arrange a demonstration on request.



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