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Client: Horizon2020

Horizon 2020 started a project to make the European consumer more aware of their energy consumption, in and around their house. IJsfontein developed Peak App together with several European universities and energy companies. Peak App gives you an overview of your energy consumption, based on your smart meter data. The app gives you tips on how to save energy, and an insight into the consumption of similar households. But what do those figures really mean? Your usage today: 11.3kWh. Is that a lot? IJsfontein developed a serious game that would explain energy usage, and give a reference to the amounts of usage.

Playing poker with energy

The energy consumer plays poker using his energy consumption as stakes. Every morning he can gamble how much energy he thinks he will use that day. When he first starts the game, he will most likely have no idea how much he is really using. It’s a gamble. The day after he will receive feedback, using his smart meter data.

Did he get it very wrong? He gets another chance to adjust his estimate. He is allowed to switch virtual household appliances off and on, to see how this affects his consumption and to get closer to his actual usage. For example, by turning on his virtual dryer. Oh no, now it’s way over. Let’s turn on the virtual pellet stove. Wrong again, by 230 points. Tomorrow is another day, another hustle.

Gambling with a low consumption will give you more points to play with. Not only will players become aware of their energy consumption, they are also challenged to save more energy.


In 2018 Peak App was tested by more than 1,000 consumers in Austria and Estonia. The results were very positive. All users indicate that they are more aware of their energy usage, and what this actually means for them.

Peak App is also nominated for the Sustainable Energy Award, an award that honors ‘Outstanding Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Renewables’.

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