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Client: Marine Museum

The Experience is set during the Cold War on naval vessel “Hr. ms. DeRuyter”. What was it like to work on a NATO mission on board a ship? At the Naval Museum you can now experience this.

Experience Cold Storm

Together with a group of players you get a briefing and a specific roles for the ship bridge. Will you become a radar controller, helmsman, or weapons controller? You will then be guided through the ship and to the bridge section. During the experience, each role plays its own game with specific tasks. But just like in real life, there is a need for cooperation and the games are connected and dependent on each other. The assignment can only be solved by working together.

Although the experience is designed for teenagers between the ages of 12-18 years old, it is open to all visitors. It consists of five games and these can be played by one or two people, so the group size can vary between 5 and 10 people.

The Bridge House

You play the game in the old bridge house on the grounds of the Naval Museum. Game screens are built into the existing furniture and the windows are covered by screens to give the player the feeling that you are really at sea. The bridge is part of the collection of the Naval Museum and this has also been taken into account for the design and installation of all equipment.

The game

In the story, the naval vessel De Ruyter is part of a larger convoy. So, your mission is to defend this convoy against the missiles you see coming on the radar screen.

Weapon Controller

The weapon controller ensures that the right weapon is chosen, depending on, for example, how far our ship is related to the attacker. In addition, the input from the radar controller is important to know in which direction the attack is. When this is clear, the weapon controller can aim and shoot. Hopefully it will hit and the threat will be eliminated.


The helmsman has the important task of keeping the ship on course through wind and weather. If successful, there is a greater chance that the weapon controller can aim properly.

Designing together

The experience was designed together with content experts from the Naval Museum and extensively tested with the target audience in our test lab at IJsfontein. After that, adjustments were made before everything was built in and installed in the museum.
Ijsfontein carried out this experience together with the Marine Museum, The New Base and Kloosterboer Décor. Sound design by Sonic Picnic