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Client: Museum van de Geest

An inclusive society in which human variation is respected and experienced as inspiration. With this vision, IJsfontein developed a multimedia guide for the Museum of the Mind, formerly Dolhuys in Haarlem. The renewed exhibition was designed by Kossmanndejong.

Multimedia guide

A good guide gives you something to hold on to. A guide ensures that the visitor knows how to go through the museum, that it is clear what information is about and what not, and that the visitor understands what she sees. The guide for the Museum of the Mind goes a step further. The guide allows the visitor to look differently and in this way shapes the visitor experience.

Everyone has them. They are so fast. Before you know it, you’ll have them.


A visit to the Museum of the Mind will not prevent prejudice,but the visit does change something about the visitor: the visitor becomes aware of her preconceptions, experiences that everyone has preconceptions, learns to look from different perspectives and opens her gaze.

During the design process, we consciously looked at the context the guide gives to the visitor. What do we tell them? And in what order? And at what moments? What are the stories around it? Do we tell them? What are the motives? What is the thought behind them? What is the situation that goes with it? How did someone get this far? What obstacles did he encounter? Etcetera. This of course influences how the visitor looks at the collection.


At the opening the guide counts three routes: the Open Mind route, the Children’s route and the Flow Art route, a route developed by the magazine Flow. In each route the visitor has the autonomy; what do I want to know more about and what do I skip?

In the future, the Museum may enrich the guide with new routes that can be added via a CMS.


We worked closely with the Museum of the Mind, Kossmanndejong and potential visitors. This has resulted in a wonderful interplay between the centuries-old building, the exhibition, the multimedia guide and the visitor in the leading role.


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