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Clients: Gemeente Utrecht, Gemeente Utrecht

Today, mostly hidden underground, lies the two thousand year old impenetrable obstacle, the Roman Limes. This centuries old fortified border of the Roman domain forms stretches an impressive distance of around eight hundred kilometers. IJsfontein developed an interactive map of the three Limes junctions in the Utrecht area.

Interactive triptych

The map is spread over three screens on the wall. From a distance, the map is recognisable as a map from the present. The map actually reacts on the movements of the visitors. So as you come closer, you see the map slowly change into a reconstruction of how the landscape would have looked in Roman times. Depending on the visitor’s movements, information and visualisations appear over the corresponding hotspot. The interactive installation makes the lines of the Limes visible and presents them in the recognisable topography. Visitors see what happened earlier in the place where they now walk their dogs or do their shopping.


This interactive installation makes use of two Kinects which sense not only the movements, but also the limbs of the visitor. Everyone that passes by the screens notices that it reacts quickly. This makes visitors curious and stimulates them to investigate further.
The interactive exhibit can be seen at the three Limes locations in Utrecht: Domplein, Fort bij Vechten and Castellum Hoge Woerd. In this way the three sister-locations are connected with one another and visitors are stimulated to take a look at the other locations. Design agency Pronk are responsible for the interior design.


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