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Client: HVO Querido

Healthcare organization HVO-Querido takes good care of its clients but also of its employees. New employees use the onboarding program: ‘Your first 100 days’.

A warm bath

HVO-Querido supports people in a vulnerable situation in their pursuit to regain control of their own lives and to fully participate in society.

That is why the organization attaches great importance to a smooth start for their new employees, so that they can quickly get started with the things they are good at.

Various resources were previously available for training new employees. Together with IJsfontein, HVO-Querido has sharpened these resources, restructured them, but above all made them more playful and appealing.

Incomplete QR codes

Every new employee receives the book ‘Your first 100 days’ before his/her first working day. In clear steps it is explained what is expected of the new employee and of course what he/she can expect from HVO-Querido. Each chapter contains a number of casual assignments in which the employee gets to know the organization better. Each command yields one or more codes. The codes collected turn out to be coordinates of QR codes. With the correct coordinates, you can color in the missing boxes in the QR codes. A complete QR code takes you to a vlog of a client or colleague or sometimes also to a nice gift.


In case you can’t figure it out or messed up a QR code, there is always your buddy. Each new employee is linked to a colleague. The buddy instruction book has been developed for these buddies; with tips for a warm welcome, but of course also additional information and the solutions of the assignments and the QR codes.