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Client: Nuffic

The Hoi Holland! [Hello Holland!] App allows international students to playfully get acquainted with Dutch language and culture before they even visit the country. When students speak Dutch, even if only a little, they quickly feel at home. It also makes it easier to get in touch with Dutch people and find a job after having completed their studies.

Realistic situations

In the game, the player faces realistic situations. With the arrival at Schiphol or at a train station, finding the way, ordering a coffee and recognising typical Dutch situations, the game allows for an accessible introduction to Dutch language and customs.

Make it in the Netherlands!

The app was developed by EP-Nuffic within the framework of the action programme Make it in the Netherlands! This programme challenges international talent to pursue a career in the Netherlands after their studies and maintain a sustainable relationship with the Netherlands. Annually, there are approx. 70,000 international students in the Netherlands.

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