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Client: HiRO

Hiro, a school program based on judo values.

What do you think of when we say judo? Of the headlock, those blue judo mats, or white suits with colored belts? If so, then you are just as visually oriented as we are. But judo is more than that. If all goes well, practicing judo will make you a more sympathetic and resilient person. What other sports can do that?


With this knowledge, Ruben Houkes and Ziggy Tabacznik developed a school program based on judo. This school judo program was further developed in 2021 together with IJsfontein into HiRO; a fully-fledged teaching method that helps children in primary education with their social-emotional development. It has a contemporary style and comes with its own character.

Digital learning environment

HiRO is a user-friendly learning environment that is used in the classroom on a Digi board or a Smart board. It is easy for the teacher to use and clear in communication. For the students, learning by doing is central. The school judo values – trust, respect, discipline, resilience, cooperation, mastery, and fun -come to life in the classroom with HiRO.

HiRO empowers the teacher and makes every child a hero. And we are proud of this. Especially if children themselves give the program an average of 9 marks out of 10!