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UpTrek is a product of IJsfontein and is the result of IJsfontein’s years of experience. Playful learning fosters intrinsic motivation so that people want to continue to develop themselves. Through the use of game mechanisms, learning in UpTrek seems to ‘come naturally’.


In UpTrek, participants are continually challenged with small tasks. Sometimes they play alone, usually with each other. The assignments stimulate to practice new behaviors with each other. Participants work together in an online expedition and learn by playing. This creates a culture in which colleagues want to continue to develop. They motivate each other and learn from each other. Learning becomes a natural part of their working lives.

No competition, no progress

Players are continually challenged with small tasks. Sometimes alone, but mostly with each other. The assignments stimulate to practice new behaviors with each other. By using game mechanisms the intrinsic motivation of the participants is constantly triggered; when challenged everyone wants to continue developing. The friendly team competition increases motivation and can be linked to an award ceremony.

Form is content!

UpTrek contains different learning formats. This can be a quiz or a format that invites you to reflect on your own behavior. With these formats, learning professionals can easily compose their own inspiring courses.

Proven success

UpTrek has been successfully implemented at various companies and organizations such as the German Targo Bank, Municipality of Amsterdam, Amadeus, Rotterdam School of Management, Rhenus Contract Logistics and Ambulance Service RAV Brabant. Research has shown that by deploying UpTrek in the organization the workflow productivity can increase significantly. And the fact that a German bank uses the platform intensively seems to us to be proof enough that UpTrek attaches great importance to privacy and security.

Develop your own simple serious games?

Independent consultant, project manager, blogger and teacher on technology-enhanced learning Wilfred Rubens has written an article on using UpTrek.

Some quotes from Wilfred Rubens on UpTrek:

‘ This application is the only application I know of that allows you to develop your own online learning in a fairly simple way with game elements, going beyond the usual quiz or providing points and badges.’

‘You can use the developed content through your own digital learning environment (thanks to an API, LTI, single sign on).’

‘The compilers have thought carefully about the different formats. Choices are based on research on effective learning and motivation.’