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Client: NTR

IJsfontein designed this powerful development tool for the NTR and TV show Het Klokhuis.


  • Gouden Reiger
  • Cinekid Nieuwe Media Jury Award
  • Comenius Edumedia Award Zilver
  • Zilveren Spin Award
  • Nomination ADCN Lamp
  • Nomination Prix Jeunesse International

In short

The GameKit is an online web tool for designing, testing and publishing web games. The site offers a quick start for beginners and extensive possibilities for advanced users. How can you find out if your game is fun, exiting or special? By asking your friends what they think of it!

How it works

You build a game with ready-to-use intelligent building blocks: men, blocks, walls and much more. Fanatics can use the expert options to adapt the building blocks. In special Klokhuis episodes that can also be watched on the site, you learn all there is to know about games and how to design them.

Building and sharing together

You can share your games with your friends and show them on the platform to get ratings and there are battles. Who knows, someone may design additional levels for your game, or your game can be the basis for a new one. Of course you are always credited as the original designer.


About 30 new games are published each day and they are used a lot. The most popular game in the summer of 2010 was World’s Saviours by MjeGames. This game has been played over 83,000 times.

11 years

Sadly, GameStudio is now offline. But we are really proud that all those children have enjoyed this for 11 years!


What can we do for your organization? Contact us at info@ijsfontein.nl or  +31 (0)20 33 00 111.