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IJsfontein developed digital schoolboard lessons to make it easier for teachers to teach Engineering.

A fridge or a clothes hanger? A bridge or a toaster? Almost everything around us is invented and made. This requires creativity, problem-solving ability and cooperation. IJsfontein developed digital schoolboard lessons for NEMO to make it more attractive for teachers to teach Engineering (‘Maakkunde’).


Engineering lessons allows primary school students to experiment with realistic design challenges: it stimulates an inquisitive attitude and strengthens their self-confidence. Children broaden their knowledge and develop 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving thinking.

Ready-made digital schoolboard lessons

Together with NEMO, IJsfontein developed a series of 4 digital schoolboard  lessons for 20 different modules. During the design process, we had the lessons tested several times by teachers in order to make Engineering as user-friendly as possible and to lower the barrier for teachers to teach Engineering.

Discover and experiment

Each module contains one or more interactive parts, with which students can playfully discover the different physical phenomena such as sound, balance and forces.

For example, you can see which properties make an aircraft fly well or discover what a seed needs to germinate. If you don’t get the settings right, there’s a good chance that your plane will crash or your bean shriveled.

You can view all digital schoolboard lessons and individual interactive components at Maakkunde.nl/lesmaterialen.