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Client: Emma Kinderziekenhuis

IJsfontein designed an interactive play wall for the Emma Children’s Hospital. On an interactive play wall players activate avatars with their own movement, bringing them to life in a colourful fantasy world.


  • Nomination Cinekid New media Award

In short

Being admitted to hospital is boring, and you do not get enough exercise to boot. We thought of a way to get the patients to move in a fun way.

How it works

On an interactive play wall players activate avatars in a colourful fantasy world by moving themselves. Robots, flying animals, princesses… there is something for everybody. And have fun exercising, for instance by throwing around bubbles between them, or a game of boxing.


The interactive play wall offers patients distraction and challenges them to move. Even when they are in a wheelchair or have to stay in bed. Children can play for hours on end. They can temporarily forget they are ill and keep in shape.

Did you know?

Each second the colour of each pixel on the wall is determined. That means 640,742,400 calculations per second!


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