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Client: Landal Greenparcs

Friend to all children and mascot of Landal GreenParks, Bollo the Bear, now has his own app. Children can play and have adventures with Bollo, not only during their vacation but also at home. IJsfontein developed this intuitive and sympathetic app for children from 2 to 8 years on behalf of Landal GreenParks. Discover Bollo’s world through movies, music, games and stories!


How the Bollo app works

The Bollo app consists of several components which together form a voyage of discovery through the world of Bollo, making it possible for kids to explore different environments. The app was launched with the forest environment, after which, it was expanded with two new worlds, the beach and the mountain. These environments correspond to those in which Bollo is found within the parks of Landal GreenParks.

Each environment offers plenty to do. Children can make music, play games by themselves or with others and they will also find stories that feature fun, interactive animations. The app is very intuitive and accessible, and therefore appropriate for even very young kids from 2 years and up.

From Clay to app

In order to create an app, you need a computer, that’s a given. However, for this app we started with old-fashioned clay! All characters for the Bollo app were first created from clay, after which they were dressed up until we had physical 3D figures. Pictures of these figures were taken and these pictures were processed and manipulated further in the computer. This technique is also known as photo-realistic animation and gives the characters more texture than characters that are animated by computer only. This ensures less of a “digital” feel to the characters.

Play the Bollo app

The app is free to download for Apple and Android, and suitable for tablet and mobile.


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