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Client: Veilig Verkeer Nederland

The number of primary school students failing the bicycling safety exam from Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) has risen in recent years. To stimulate children and their parents to practise more, a practice app for smartphones and tablet was developed in cooperation with the province of Utrecht and Shell.


  • Digital Communication Awards

How does it work?

Road safety is learned by doing. With the app you practise the theory questions from the road safety exam and also practise practical situations. In the app you practise 10 most used cycle routes, for example the route to school or the sports club. Together with your parents you can walk through the routes and evaluate them. Which signs, situations and obstacles do you come across and how can you best deal with them? The app also provides a handy checklist for your bicycle. Is your bell working, are the lights okay and are the handle bars tightened? In the app you play alone or together with someone else.


There is a special role for parents in the practise. The role is that they go on the street with their children. The more that children participate in road safety, the more experience and insight they gather. A child of eleven years looks at the road differently than an adult. The app provides parents with different tips for what to look out for during the practise.


The app received a lot of national media attention in the press, and on radio and TV. Adformatie named the app campaign of the day. The app also got good reviews:
‘The app is well put together and the operation is well thought out. For example traffic sign are used for navigation between the tabs.’ iPhoneClub


The app received a lot of attention from the press and within 1.5 months, the app was downloaded more than 100,000 times. See also this article in Adformatie.


The app is suitable for both telephone and tablet and is available for Apple and Android.


The app is free to download for Apple & Android.


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