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Back Street at the Literature Museum is a new way to get young adults aged 14 to 20 excited about the world of young adult novels. In ten games set in ten completely different locations within Back Street, you can explore how rich and diverse young adult literature is and discover what resonates with you.

Deep reading

Research shows that if you have problems with ‘deep’ or comprehension reading, you may struggle to progress and fully participate in society. A quarter of young people are at risk of becoming part of this group with low literacy levels. Reading books helps combat this. However, many young people don’t seem to be aware that there are books that reflect their world and the challenges they face.

A kaleidoscope of themes and genres

The Back Street exhibition is specially designed to introduce young people to the rich world of young adult novels and poetry in a positive and interactive way. From Instagram poetry to coming-of-age novels, these stories cover everything that can touch a young person’s life. They address conflicts, grief, dating, excitement, pushing boundaries, heroism, standing up for ideals, and more. They are told in the most diverse styles and genres, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something that appeals to you.

Being yourself together

Together with the Dutch Museum of Literature, we developed an overarching game concept for Back Street where students can collaborate, challenge each other, be creative, and have fun in a stimulating and pleasant environment—a world that allows them to be themselves without pressure to show their true selves, if they prefer not to.

Ten completely different experiences

In Back Street, 10 important themes for young people are translated into 10 different game concepts. Each theme has its own space, designed by Moxiedesign, with a game and atmosphere that perfectly match that theme. For example, you can play a dating game inside a long limousine, encounter futuristic doom thrillers in an escape room within a bunker, create protest texts from a protest shelter, and contemplate what you’re willing to share about your issues with the outside world in the Tattoo Shop.

For all educational levels

Not only do personalities differ, but also reading skills and interests. Therefore, the Back Street games are offered at three different reading and interest levels. Additionally, the personal book recommendations each student receives after their visit are tailored to their reading level and the choices they made during the games. In short, Back Street is an exhibition that is rich in many aspects and, above all, enjoyable.