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Client: Museum Volkenkunde

At the Museum of Ethnology Kids can explore and discover how people lived during Mayan time. IJsfontein produced an animated video with voiceover and developed two physical/digital games: The Mayan ball game and writing puzzle.

In Short

The Exhibition MAYA 2012 – The Mysteries of an Ancient People at the Museum of Ethnology wanted to show visitors how the Mayans lived. Our animation and games provided visitors with an amazing experience, leaving them with a memorable impression they would not soon forget.

The Writing Puzzle

Visitors play the writing puzzle on a touchscreen. They find out how hieroglyphs are built up of different symbols and what they mean. The result is projected onto a wall.

The Ball Game

Mayans had a ball game where they had to shoot a ball through a ring with their hip. Visitors can play this game through modern methods; a Wii belt with motion sensors allowed them to control a virtual player on the big screen.


“When the belt snaps shut, nerves start to play a role. It might be just a game but the loser does become an offer to the gods.” The exhibition ran until August 2010. The Mayan ball game was also available at the Cinekid Madialab in 2011.

Across the border

Our neighbours in Germany also had the chance to visit the exhibition at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. Everything was translated into German and IJsfontein was responsible for installing the exhibition.

Experience it yourself?

Alas! The exhibition has ended


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