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Client: Joods Historisch Museum

IJsfontein developed the website of the Jewish Historical Children’s Museum. The site has been designed as a tour of a house with Jewish occupants. This will provide children with information on Jewish traditions, their meaning and origin.


  • Nomination Gouden Apenstaart

In short

The Jewish Historical Children’s Museum uses a rich multimedia experience to show children in an accessible way what it means to be Jewish.

How it works

Children find their way through a house with Jewish occupants. Through the Hollander family they learn about Jewish traditions. The integration of illustrations, animation, photos and video material and the balance between watching and participating, are stimulating and inviting.

The website design ties in with the layout of the Children’s Museum. This ensures recognition and a deeper understanding for children who visit both the website and the museum.


visit the website on www.jhmkindermuseum.nl.


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