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Client: Illuster productions

The Tumblies and their little dog live in a ‘Dutch design’ world in which they play with everyday objects. In the iPad game that IJsfontein developed to accompany the TV series, toddlers and pre-schoolers can watch the video and then play with the characters and objects. IJsfontein and il Luster productions have applied for a subsidy from the MEDIAprogramma to develop this app together.

In short

The Tumblies are colourful characters consisting of two, three or four stacked disks (that sometimes tumble). They play with a recognizable object from our world, such as a shoe box, a plastic cup or a piano. The Tumblies use the object – as a growing child would – however they feel like. In the Tumblies game it is the children’s turn to use their imagination and to discover the possibilities.

How it works

Children watch an episode of the Tumblies on the iPad and are then presented with a large red button. This button is their entrance into the world of the Tumblies and an object the child can use. By touching the screen, swiping or moving it all starts to happen.

Children make up their own rules

When the game was tested, it was remarkable to see that it does not take long before children start to make up their own rules in a world that does not have any. A level is offered, for instance, with a pedal bin and building blocks. The bin opens when you push on the pedal. The building blocks can then be thrown in. Of course the players can also choose to do other things with the blocks, yet most children want to ‘tidy’ the blocks away in the pedal bin. They continue trying to do so until they succeed.


This is an iPad game, available in iTunes.


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