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Client: NTR

IJsfontein made the game 13 in the Oorlog (13 in the War) in collaboration with the NTR. From the perspective of a peer, children experience how difficult it is to make the right decisions.


In short

In 13 episodes, the NTR history series 13 in de Oorlog explains the Second World War through stories by teenagers. This serious game ties in with the TV series, but can also be played independently. The game makes war concrete and shows choices and dilemmas.

How it works

The game is set in 1940, you are 13 years old and are living in Rotterdam. The city has been bombed and your father is missing. You start looking for him, but that is not easy: everyone you encounter has problems of their own.

Some people can help you, but at a cost. You have to decide whether or not to take certain risks. For instance: will you tell the German Officer you are looking for your father?

Reactions on 13 in de oorlog

Margreet van den Berg on ict-en-onderwijs.blogspot.nl:

“The choices the player has to make are not obvious and will certainly lead to discussions in class. In doing so, the game serves its purpose: it makes the player think about what war means, how difficult it is to make the right choices during a war and that right choices can sometimes have terrible consequences.”

Crossmedia concept

In collaboration with Swinxs, IJsfontein organized an interactive quest during the launch of the game on Cinekid 2009. With a special wristband visitors of Cinekid could participate in the 13 in de Oorlog quest in addition to the series and the game.


The cross medial approach was a success. The website was visited almost 150,000 times over a period of three months and 90,000 visitors have played the game.


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