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Client: Dutch Open Air Museum

Restart is an educational program from the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem. The programme aims to create more awareness in schoolchildren around the theme of migration. In a fun an interactive way, schoolchildren experience what it is like to be a migrant.

How it works

When entering the museum, a staff member checks the (self made) passport of the student. They have become a “citizen on probation” of the fictional “Otherland”. In this way, the student is brought into the story from the first moment. After a short explanation, ‘families’ of 3 or 4 students are formed which go around the park within 2 hours with the iPad as guide. On the way, they come across students looking for work, make new friends, learn to cycle (on unusual bikes) and learn to cook unfamiliar food. Both fixed and optional activities are spread throughout the park. For all activities, the students have to make contact with park staff and other visitors. For example, the students make friends with other visitors born in other countries. In the app, they take a photo as evidence.


The programme is for children from 11 to 14 years. This target group likes to choose for themselves when they do. This is made possible using an iPad and well thought out game structure. The iPad leads them through the park as a sort of ‘game master’. It helps them with their journey and the assignments, but also makes it possible to make their own strategic choices in the game. The feeling of autonomy is important for this audience and works as a motivator.


‘We were surprised how much extra value is added by the use of digital means.’ – Gitta Paans, educator at the Open Air Museum.
‘I used to think migrants shouldn’t worry about things and just get on with it. Now I have done this I realise how difficult it is.’ – Student.


The programme runs in the Open Air Museum


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